Fixed Rung Agility Ladder

Fixed Rung Agility Ladder

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Help soccer, basketball and football players improve their mobility, balance and coordination on the field or court with the Fixed Rung Agility Ladder. Complete with 10 sections, the ladder helps athletes that participate in sports that require agility and speed to practice accurate foot placement. Players can maximize their workouts as sturdy webbing with end buckles and slats facilitates reconfigurations, so competitors can master forward, backward and side-to-side movements. Athletes can also attach additional ladders to find the arrangement that best suits their training preferences. Athletes looking to train outdoors can easily bring the ladder to different practice areas with the carrying bag. 

      • Bold yellow rungs are easy to see during workouts
      • Carrying bag is included to haul the ladder to practice and back
      • Fixed rungs divide the ladder into 10 sections for runners to perfect balanced footwork before a competition
      • Rugged webbing is equipped with slats and end buckles that allow for the attachment of other ladders to accommodate varying skill sets
      • Color: Black, Yellow
      • Color Family: Yellow
      • Product Length: 15 ft.
      • Product Weight: 2 lb.
      • Product Width: 20 in.
      • Quantity: 1 
  • Ideal for developing quick and accurate foot speed, increased balance and coordination
  • 15'L x 20"W with ten sections
  • Rugged 1" wide webbing with end buckles and slats allow various shape configurations for a more diversified workout
  • Buckles also allow adding additional ladders for longer runs and different formations
  • Each rung on the ladder is fixed in its positioning
  • Comes complete with carry bag

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