Tennis Ball Machine - Lobster ELITE II

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Equipped with all of the standard elite one battery-operated features, the elite two's advanced triple oscillation takes match play to the next level at a minimal cost increase over the elite one. While almost all machines sweep randomly left to right horizontally, the elite two also oscillates vertically, giving you short and deep shots in a random pattern to provide a better physical workout. Or, choose your shot placement vertically only and horizontally only.

Want more action? Simulate match play by combining both vertical and horizontal oscillation functions to throw balls throughout the entire court-left, right, short, and deep. This tennis ball machine will challenge all of your strokes, not just your forehand and backhand. You'll also improve your reaction time while you advance your foot speed agility.

Product Details:

Oscillation: random horizontal, random vertical
Speed: 20 to 80 mph
Feed rate: 2-10 seconds
Spin: top, back
Elevation: electronic, 0-60 degrees
Ball capacity: 150
Power: battery (ac/dc optional)
Court time: 4-8 hours
Basic charger: included
Fast charger: optional
Remote: optional
Weight: 42 lbs.
Warranty: 2 years
Product #: EL02.