JUGS® Field General Football Passing Machine M1750
JUGS® Field General Football Passing Machine M1750
JUGS® Field General Football Passing Machine M1750

JUGS® Field General Football Passing Machine M1750

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JUGS Field General™ throws accurately up to 50 yards, allowing you to hit your receivers in stride, running any route in your playbook.

It stimulates punts with a hang time of over 5 seconds, allowing you to do drills that include both punt and punt return teams.

Throws 5-50 yards.

•  Weighs just 94 lbs.

•  5-year guarantee.
•  Runs on 110-volt AC, Powerhorse Portable Generator-2000 or the Complete Practice Battery Pack.
The JUGS Field General™ can help you in these 4 areas:

1. Receivers and Running Backs need consistant practice catching the football. With the Field General™, these players see a week's worth of passes in a fifteen-minute drill session. Simply put, more passes caught in practice means more receptions in games.

2. Defensive players can be given practice on a variety of reaction and zone-coverage drills in a fifteen-minute session without taking your quarterbacks away from their work with the offense.

3. With hang times of up to 5 seconds, the Field General can accurately "kick" high-lofting punts directly at one player or another, or at any point in between. You can save 30 minutes of practice time each day because, with the Field General™, you will eliminate shanked punts. Remember, crisper special team drills will produce the game results you want.

4. Use the Field General™ for more effective and enjoyable conditioning drills. All players like catching passes— they'll love sprinting after 50 yard bombs thrown from the Field General™.