Bunt Zone® Infield Protector / Trainer

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Color-coded Bunting/Hitting Targets Built-into a Quality Turf Protector

The Bunt Zone® Infield Protector-Trainer saves turf and teaches by visualization.

YELLOWS are “bunt-for-a-hit target zones.
GREENS are the “sacrifice bunt” target areas.
RED is the “bad bunt” zone, but also the area to avoid in hit-and-run or pull-hitting situations.

SPECS:  Fabric:  Industrial grade 16 mil vinyl coated polyester mesh
                Protected by ultraviolet and mildew inhibitors
                Tolerant of spikes and virtually tear proof
                Ground stakes (11) included
                Stock sizes:  Large – 20’ deep x 24’ x 64’
                                     Medium – 15’ deep x 24’ x 54’
                                     Little League/Softball – 15’ deep x 18’ x 48’
               Custom colors and sizes are readily available for quick shipment.
               Made in the USA