MacGregor® Heavy Duty Vinyl Bases - Set of 3 Official or Youth

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Rugged, durable, and perfect for adult play: Heavy Duty Vinyl Bases. New polyfoam inner core allows for maximum shape retention along with a great "soft landing" cushion. Inverted sewn corner seams and double-thick top are designed to last. Bases are covered with 100% nylon-impregnated vinyl covers that are both weather and water resistant. Each set includes 3 bases with 6 spikes. 

NOTE: Although this base is designed to reduce sliding injuries, it is not a substitute for using proper sliding techniques. 

    • Inverted sewn seams for extra durability and double-thick-top for long lasting wear 
    • Outer cover is 100% nylon-impregnated vinyl
    • Polyfoam inner core for maximum shape retention
    • Packed 3 bases per set with 6 spikes