Batter's Box Templates - Adjustable or Foldable

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Adjustable Batter's Box Template - yet another tool to equip your practice facility or field. You're ready to chalk simply by positioning the two markers on either side of the plate and tracing the outside edge with a nail. Template is changeable for 3' x 6' (youth league), 4' x 6' (big league), and 3' x 7' (softball). Also adjusts to 4' x 7'. Sturdy all-steel construction is designed to last for multiple seasons. Ensure your facility is up to par, with proper dimensions from the Adjustable Batter's Box Template. All steel construction. BSTMPLA

Foldable Batter's Box Template - Simply align the handle with the straight side edge of home plate to be square and the proper distance from home plate. Simply step on the lightweight aluminum frame template and leave a 2"W impression to chalk over. Collapses in half for easy transport. Choose from 4'x6' Baseball, 3'x7' Softball or 3'x6' Little League.