Advantage Crack Flex - 1 gal (choose from 6 colors)

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Advantage Crack Flex is a highly flexible, pourable acrylic latex which is designed for use in small and hairline cracks. The superior adhesion and resiliency of Advantage Crack Flex provides longer lasting results. Advantage Crack Flex comes in colors of red, dark green, light green, black and neutral.

Advantage Crack Flex is used for filling small cracks and minor voids on tennis courts, playgrounds and recreational surfaces. Sand may be added to Advantage Crack Flex to provide a more durable repair if needed.

Use Advantage Crack Flex as is – do not dilute. Coverage rate will depend on the width and depth of the crack. (example: 1/2” x 1/2” = 70 lineal feet per gallon)

Weight/Gallon … 9.82 lbs. per gallon Drying Time … Touch: 2 hour Firm: 24 hours Application Temperature … 50º F and rising