Affordably priced CUSTOM SIZED Premium windscreen for tennis courts, outdoor sports fields, privacy fencing, backyards, commercial-industrial sites, and more. 


available on certain windscreens at additional cost
CUSTOM LOGOS are available - Chroma-Bond Imprinting outlasts other processes and is the most durable imprinting in all sports. Highly resistant to weathering, premature fading, scuffing, and unsightly white mesh back color. Images will last outdoors as long as the fabric. Highly spike, cleat, and racquet resistant. Double thick coating process literally bonds the image into the vinyl and completely masks the underlying fabric color, so image colors are vivid and true.
1-800-328-0075 or send us a message with your specs (and logo, if applicable) and we will respond with your quote.
*NOTE: Windscreens can be cut to size


Open Mesh, 78% Opacity, 10 oz.  VIPOL® Matrix. 50% more micro-fibers than standard windscreens. UV and mildew inhibitors, lock stitched sides and corners. 3-ply reinforced hems. Brass grommets every 12" along perimeter. Virtually tear-proof. 5 YEAR limited factory WARRANTY. 23 available colors. *Imprinting available

5'H  #AFTWS5   $0.66 per SF
6'H  #AFTWS6   $0.64 per SF
9'H  #AFTWS9   $0.68 per SF

SOLID VINYL – POLYESTER to minimize problems of wind and background visual distractions. Made of high quality 18 oz. UV and mildew treated vinyl in 17 outdoor colors or 16 fire rated indoor colors.  

*Imprinting available

5'H  #AFVW185   $0.78 per SF
6'H  #AFVW186   $0.82 per SF
9'H  #AFVW189   $0.86 per SF

Value priced 8 oz. VCP (vinyl coated polyester) windscreen. 70-78% opacity. Exclusive Vipol® reinforced edges, double lock-stitch sewn on ends and corners, and grommeted every 12”. 2 year limited factory warranty. High quality at value price.

Black, Dark Green, Navy, Royal Blue

*Imprinting available

6H  #AFSW6   $0.51 per SF
9'H  #AFSW9   $0.59 per SF

Leno Open Mesh polypropylene with reinforcing threads to resist tearing and spreading. 75% opacity for windy areas. Grommets installed every 18” all around. Ultraviolet and mildew inhibitors.

Imprinting not available 

6'H  AFLOPW6BLK  Black $0.59/SF
6'H  AFLOPW6RB Royal   $0.66/SF
6'H  AFLOPW6DG Dk Green $0.59/SF
9'H AFLOPW9DG Dk Green $0.64/SF (includes center tie down)

Polypropylene Closed Mesh. 92% Opacity. Heavy-duty, 4-ply double stitched hems. Brass grommets every 12" along perimeter. Mildew and insect resistant, built-in UV inhibitor. Cannot be imprinted. 

Dark Green, Black

6'H  #AFCMW6   $0.63 per SF
9'H  #AFCMW9   $0.66 per SF

Joins Vinyl with Tuffy® Windscreen. Choice of solid vinyl midsection (shown) for improved player vision
Tuffy midsection with solid vinyl top and bottom for improved court viewing.

Grommets every 12". 

9'H  DSW2V1T 2 Vinyl, 1 Tuffy $1.11 per SF
9'H  DSW2T1V 2 Tuffy, 1 Vinyl $1.07 per SF